Monday, May 19, 2014

New Orleans Saints

In my final blog this is going to be about my favorite football team the New Orleans Saints.  This is a team with one of my favorite players, that person is Drew Brees.  He won the big ten football MVP in 2000 which he was a boil maker while he was at Purdue.  Drafted 2nd round 1st pick he's a very small person.  Only 6 feet tall it's hard for him to see above defenders but somehow do throws the ball with such accuracy.   He first started out in San Diego with the Chargers.  He's been with the Saints since 2006.  He has been one of my favorite players for they past few years.  I really noticed him when they won the super bowl in 2009.  In 2011 he broke the record and had a completion percentage of 71.2%  And everyone is calling me a band wagon because I think he's a great player.  Although they never should have gotten rid of reggie bush because he's a great running back and I don't see the reason to get rid of him.  I remember that they beat the Minnesota Vikings which they had one of their best years in a while, with Bret Farve and everyone said it was a bounty bowl to try and take Bret out.  And Sean Payton was kicked from the saints because he payed extra to the players to inflict as much pain on Bret as possible, if I remember correctly from 2009.

Adrain Peterson NFL's Best

A week ago our group blog  created a list of top 10 running backs in the National Football League today and Vikings Running back Adrian Peterson was at the top of our list for many reasons throughout his athletic career.

There are many reasons why he made our top 10 list: His performance his freshman year in college at Oklahoma and his amazing injury recovery.
Adrian Peterson went to high school at Palestine and started as a freshman at Oklahoma. In his first nine gains he picked up over 100 yards. Adrian's performance was enough to get him near to a Heisman Trophy but he finished second behind quarterback Matt Leinart. in his sophomore  he finished second for rushing yards in the big 12 conference even though missed some games due to foot and ankle injuries.  at the end of his junior year, he fell short 73 yards from being the schools all time leading rusher.

in january of 2007 Adrian decided he would enter the NFL draft. Many experts say that he was the number one player in the draft. Peterson was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings as the 7th overall pick. In 2007 Peterson was named offensive rookie of the year and in 2008 he was named NFL MVP. In the 2009 season,  The Vikings signed former packers legend Brett Favre. The Vikings went 12 -4 that year as they lost a heart breaker to the New Orleans saints  in New Orleans.

  In December of 2011 the Vikings played the Washington Redskins where Adrian was helped off the field after a torn ACL and MCL. Adrian came back even stronger  the season after he had time to recover. Peterson fell 9 yards short of breaking  Erick Dickerson's single season rushing record.  Even today peterson's combination of strength, speed and agility make him one of best athletes ever to play the game.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to #Dat Sports Blog. We have added some new things sense you were last here. We have added The top ten favorite sports website list and a few new posts on our individual blogs. Enjoy!

TOP 10 NFL Runningbacks

1Adrian Peterson, MIN5$60
2Arian Foster, HOU8$57
3Marshawn Lynch, SEA12$56
4Ray Rice, BAL8$55
5Doug Martin, TB5$53
6Jamaal Charles, KC10$52
7C.J. Spiller, BUF12$51
8Trent Richardson, CLE10$49
9Alfred Morris, WAS5$48
10LeSean McCoy, PHI

Friday, March 7, 2014

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